PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence Website Review

How many men suffer from low self-esteem because their penis is “small”?

Many of them feel unworthy and think they can’t satisfy their partners.

Women alike prefer men with a large penis.

Forget the norm that states penis size doesn’t matter.

Of course, it does.

Ask your partner and you’ll know.

Well, if you feel your penis is small and need an enlargement, today is your lucky day.

Introducing PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence – probably the most trusted authority on the internet for penis health.

Who is PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence?

PhalloGauge’s website is the quintessential source for Penis Health and Men’s Health.

It offers more than 80 guides, blogs, and tutorials on men’s health.

However, PhalloGauge’s claim to fame is the penis health articles that are published on this website which are written and reviewed by actual medical professionals.

All these guidelines and tips are written by medical doctors who have lots of experience on the subject.

Can You Trust PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence?


In fact, I would go as far to say that when it comes to penis health, you should trust PhalloGauge Medical more than the bigger sites like WebMD and Healthline.


Because PhalloGauge Medical actually specializes in penis health.

The other websites like WebMD are more general health websites, and in fact, some of their authors don’t specialize in urology or andrology.

PhalloGauge is way better in this regard because all their penis health articles are written by an actual professional andrologist and urologist named Dr. Jeff Ferrara.

PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence aims at achieving two objectives.

One is to educate people – especially men – about penis health.

The company does so via articles that medical doctors write.

The other objective for the company is to supply men with extender device products for stretching and treating the penis.

Perhaps you won’t come across any other health website that concentrates on penis health.

PhalloGauge Medical is probably the most trusted when it comes to penis health because they only focus on penis health.

If you’re looking for a true organization that is dedicated to penis health, PhalloGauge medical is the best place to educate yourself.

The company will not rest until each man attains his male needs.

They understand that enlarging a penis alone isn’t enough.

A man should know all the tips to ensure he satisfies his partner as well.

That’s why this website provides a penis extender and sexual tips.

Unlike other websites, PhalloGauge website does not promote services or products that the PhalloGauge Company doesn’t provide.

Instead, it promotes products that they sell on their site – the PhalloGauge Extender for example.

This penis extender is unique as it provides an easy yet effective waistline belt to help stretch your penis.

All gratitude goes to Dr. Jeff Ferrara for inventing such a great esteem booster for men.

The kit for this extender comes with one waistline belt, one silicone penis wrap, and one foam donut.

Though looks simple, that shouldn’t fool you. A lot of research and tests went into this design.

Among the many features of PhalloGauge Extender, a few of them are:

  • Lightweight
  • Completely adjustable
  • Accommodates sizes from as a low as 2 inches
  • Belt with a maximum length of 44 inches
  • Provides freedom of movement
  • Can be worn under clothes
  • Made of ABS plastic, Velcro, silicone, nylon, and rubber

Our Verdict on PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence

Onto the subject about your wellness and health, you should feel confident about the decision you make.

Needless to say, you should be confident about any information that assists you in making those decisions.

That said PhalloGauge ensures that the medical writers and editorial staff behind their articles are highly experienced.

We here at The Rapid Review can confirm that this is true.

These writers comprise of board-certified doctors with great reputation and credentials, especially Dr. Jeff Ferrara.

Besides, these writers are chosen based on their extensive knowledge and real-world experience.

That is why they are able to communicate complex subjects in a helpful and clear manner.

Not only that, but PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence is also famous for publishing their own independent studies, something that even WebMD and Healthline don’t do.

Finally, PhalloGauge ensures that its Chief Editor reviews these articles to make them as reflective, helpful, accurate and understandable as possible.

All articles that they publish go under a rigorous medical review before they are published.