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Rapid Review® 4.0 supports Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later, and Safari for Mac 3.0 or later. However, there are compatibility issues that exist between different browser versions and various operating systems. Please refer to the information below to determine the best browser version to use. Links to download recommended browsers are provided.

Rapid Review® requires the use of JavaScript, per-session cookies & popup windows.

 Beta versions are not supported.


Not SupportedNot Supported
  Windows XP, Vista, 7
Internet Explorer for Windows

Recommended7.0 (or later)

Firefox for Windows  Recommended3.0 (or later)



Not SupportedNot Supported
  10.3 or earlier 10.4 or later
Safari for MacOS X

Not SupportedOS does not support Safari 3.0

Recommended3.0 (or later)

Firefox for MacOS X  Recommended3.0 (or later)  Recommended3.0 (or later)



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Updated: August 17, 2010

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