Very Well Health Website Review

Reports indicate that at least 3.2 billion people around the world from both developed and developing countries have access to the internet.

A good share of these people are online researching and trying to find out more about specific symptoms and health issues.

But how many of the health resources online are actually reliable?

Can they provide trustworthy insight into what a person might be truly suffering from?

Verywell health is an online platform leading the pack of online health sites by providing credible, understandable and relevant medical information to people drawn from all corners of the world.

Verywell health has for over 20 years provided resources on health and wellness in helping men, women, and children learn more about themselves and make better choices.

What with a rich content base of over 18,000 articles composed by over 100 doctors, health experts, and nurses among other healthcare professionals, it is clear that this site has a good motive to bring positive change in the reader’s lives.

This online, medical resource center’s work is evaluated by a board of physicians who are board certified which goes to show that anyone can depend on the accurate information they find in the Verywell health website.

The pieces of content found in the verywell health website cover a wide array of topics applicable to people of all ages.

Some of the articles listed here help with topics such as:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Parenting
  • Mental health
  • Sexual health
  • Fitness
  • Dieting
  • Health conditions such as cancer, autism, MS among others.

As you will realize no one is left out.

The above topics are just a few of the numerous topics covered by the Verywell health website which generally aims to cover issues regarding family, mind, fitness, and overall health.

The Problem With Very Well Health

The biggest drawback to the information on Very Well Health is that they are the “Jack of All Trades” but “Master of None”.

That is, they cover a lot of topics in shallow depth.

This is unfortunate because a lot of Internet users go to the Internet to find detailed articles on the ailments and diseases that they want to learn more about.

When you stumble upon a Very Well Health article, the article is typically 400 words or less.

So more often than not, a user does not quite get the information that they were looking for.

In this regard, Very Well Health can make improvements to their articles by making them more informative and useful.

While they are trying to write more articles on the topic of male health, the quality is somewhat lackluster.

As such, you should probably refer to this authority on these topics.

Feedback on the Very Well Health Website

Readers have come out to commend the good work done by Verywell health with many of them showing gratitude.

Many have given feedback labeling the articles published on the site as informative, comprehensive, thorough, clear, and easy to understand.

It is no wonder that Verywell health has been listed among the top ten best health publishers in America.

The site is led by an able team of men and women in the health sector who work tirelessly each day to avail answers to peoples questions, offer inspiration and possibly solve people’s problems.

In their over two decades of offering exemplary service to the people, verywell health has been awarded numerous recognitions.

Some which include:

  • 2018 Omma award
  • 2018 publisher of the year, Digiday publishing award
  • 2017 W3 awards, publishing
  • 2017 Folio Digital executive of the year, Digital awards, among countless other awards.

In a bid to lead readers on the right path, the Verywell health site abides by the policy of only allowing licensed experts in their fields to provide information that helps extinguish worries and increase confidence in the decisions and actions the readers take.

Overall, Very Well Health is not a bad website, in that there is some usefulness to it, but it only makes a shallow attempt at helping users and readers, so it has a long way to go before it becomes a top-notch medical website.