WebMD Website Review

If you have been looking for health information online, there is a good chance you have come across WebMD.

WebMD is one of the most popular health information websites that attracts the a lot of traffic today.

Whether you are looking for information about drugs or medical conditions, WebMD is the site to visit.

However, before you trust the information available on this website, you need to ask yourself whether it is a reliable source of health information.

This article will take a look at WebMD website review so that you can understand more what it is and whether it is a trustworthy healthcare tips/ health information website.

What exactly is WebMD?

WebMD is an American organization that publishes information about health and wellbeing.

This website includes information regarding drugs and health care tips and is one of the most visited healthcare website available today.

In 2015, WebMD had more unique website visitors every month than any other governmental or private healthcare website, which made it the leading health information website in the US.

The company was founded back in 1996 by one man called Jeff Arnold.

By 1999, the company has merged with Direct Medical Knowledge and Sapient Health Network.

Today, the website offers credible information, in-depth health reference material, and a supportive community.

Unlike other health information websites, WebMD provides timely and original health information, including material from popular content providers.

Who is the owner/ founder?

Jeff Arnold is the original founder and former owner of WebMD. He is an online entrepreneur and currently the co-founder of Sharecare.

In 2017, a private equity firm called KKR & CO. agreed to purchase the healthcare information company at approximately $2.8 billion.

This move saw them become the new owners of the New York-based healthcare information organization, WebMD.

The acquisition by KKR & Co. came after the health information company experienced a slowdown in advertisements, which is one of its major revenue sources.

About the team

The team behind WebMD comprises of award-winning journalists, trained community moderators, and board-certified physicians.

The medical professional team includes John Whyte, Chief Medical Officer; Michael Smith, Chief Medical Officer; Brunilda Nazario, Lead Medical Director, Neha Pethak, Medical Editor among other doctors.

Some of the senior editorial staff include Kristy Hammam, Senior Vice President, Content and Programming, Tom Roseberry, Senior Director, Audience Growth; Collen Paretty, Editorial Director among others.

The WebMD team combines content creation, journalism, expert commentary, medical review, and community services to bring relevant information to users.


WebMD is a trustworthy medical website for users looking for drug information, symptoms, and pharmacy information. You can trust this website to get accurate and reliable health information.